only epic people past this point

the very epic peoples

in the begining there was the earth and the other stuff, then the very beta dinosaurs got replaced by the very epic sigma males. these giga chads then had some cool alpha giga chad called jesus, and he gave the rules on being a sigma alpha chad. and so the sigma males had to drive out the betas and began colonizing the non giga chad lands. and so the sigma alpha giga chad males prophets foretold that 9+10=21 and so it was establised that all sigma males will tell the tales of this giga chad prophecy.

click this if you are ultra mega alpha chad

you are epic

look at this epic cat

the cat is a giga alpha chad

very epic giga chad cat


DO NOT CLICK (is simp, not chad, very beta)



ultimate sigma alpha chad

The chad conmendments

thou shall not yeetus another's basketball

thou will not be a beta

thou will treat other sigma alpha males as the code suggests

thou shall only steal from betas

thou will not be aggresive but dominant

thou will disrespect the beta discord moderators

thou shall troll the epic gamers

thou will not play fortnite

thou will have a billionare mindset

thou will always ally with another sigma alpha chad

thou will always initially show mercy to betas due to their weak stance



hi how are you?

boom haha
get rekt

you just got rick rekt


We cant expect god to do all the work

do not disappoint the simpson

homer is judging you harshly